• Perforated Metal can be made from different types of material like mild steel, gal bond metal sheets, stainless steel, aluminium metal sheets and copper metal, brass metal sheetsPerforated Sheet is a metal sheet been perforated with a different type of the hole & shape

    Perforated Sheet

    Perforated sheet is a metal sheet that has been perforated with different types of holes and in different shapes. Hole patterns are chosen by customers. Outside of standard round, square, oblongs. We are able to supply a customised pattern of perforation in different types of material, different thicknesses and different sizes. A1 metal mesh screens can work on your designs and ideas to bring them to life for you.

  • koala image perforated metal sheetkoala image perforated metal sheet

    Picture Perforation

    A1 metal mesh screens can work with the customer to bring their idea to life by making picture perforation possible in any design on any size screen by connecting multiple screens together.

  • A1 metal mesh screens uses this to calculate different perforated metal sheets

    Designed Hole Perforated Sheet

    Decorated perforated sheets can be used for architectural applications in kitchen cabinets, office cupboards, facades, balustrades and garden decorations, and fencing.