A1 Metal Mesh Screens is owned and operated by Australians. We supply, distribute and manufacture stainless steel woven wire mesh and many other meshes.

Direct to the public from an importer.

Architectural woven wire mesh
Extruder screens
Stainless steel woven wire

Stainless steel welded wire mesh
Fencing mesh
Stainless steel meshes for aggregates

High tensile mesh screen
Security door mesh
Stainless steel bolting woven wire mesh

Screen printing supplies
Perforated metal
Decorative perforated metal

Elevators parts
Buckets & buckets bolt

Stainless steel conveyor mesh belt
Mining screens
Galvanised woven wire mesh

Extruder screen belts
Roller chain
Vibro screen  filters

Galvanised mesh
Wire mesh filter
Brass woven wire mesh

Copper woven wire mesh
Quarry screens
Bronze woven wire mesh


A1 Metal Mesh Screens have the ability to provide a variety of metal mesh, and perforated metal mesh in small or large quantities – in any type of material, and of any standard size. We are located in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. We collaborate with different transportation companies to deliver the material anywhere in the world.

We supply a range of stainless steel woven wire mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh, galvanised welded wire mesh, perforated metals, decorative architectural screens, decorative woven wire mesh, and expanded metal products.

Stainless steel security door mesh is used in houses as a precaution against home invasions. In the country, this mesh is used as protection against bushfires. Some fine mesh is used in building and construction for protection against termites. A special hole size made of welded wire mesh is used in commercial construction for roof safety in industrial warehouses. It is also used as insulation support on the roof. Plastic industries use wire mesh discs and cylindrical filters as extruder filters for plastic filtration.

Our products are used in various industries such as mining, quarry, metal, metal fabrication, petrochemical, oil, plastic, rubber, refinery, paper, recycling, pulp, agricultural, food processing, building and construction, architectural, pharmaceutical, security, fencing, chicken and rabbit fencing, rural fencing, filtration process, ceramic, and bulk material processing.

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