Stainless Steel Fly screen Mesh


Stainless steel window flyscreen mesh is easy to use on the aluminium frame. This stainless steel woven wire mesh can use as a bush fire protection mesh.

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Product Description

Stainless steel flyscreen mesh wire dia 0.23mm and aperture approx 1.2mm available in stainless steel finish or black painted finish. Much stronger than fibreglass, aluminium flyscreen.

Stainless steel flyscreen mesh for window and doors in home security.  Stainless steel flyscreen can work as pet paw mesh on flyscreen doors.

Stainless steel flyscreen also available in 0.4mm thick wire and black Powder coated. These stainless steel mesh holes are smaller than 2mm aperture which is easy to comply with Building regulation for Bush fire prone area.

Stainless steel woven wire mesh is used for Bushfire protection which complies with BAL 40, BAL 12.5 and other bushfire regulations.

  Product name  Width  Length     Price+GST
Stainless steel Flyscreen Natural or Black painted   1.2mt    10mt     $140
  1.2mt    15mt     $200
  1.2mt    30mt     $360
   1 mt    10mt     $120
   1 mt    15mt     $170
   1 mt    30mt     $300


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