Wire Mesh Products

A1 Metal Mesh Screens stocks and distributes a wide range of wire mesh products for all your wire mesh needs. Our range of products includes woven mesh, welded mesh, knitted mesh, perforated mesh, stainless steel mesh, galvanised mesh, nylon, polyester and fibreglass screens.

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Extruder Screen/ Wire Mesh Filters

When you have to order Extruder screens  please provide following information. Example as below.

Wire mesh screen dia: 120mm

Which mesh (Single disc) : 20mesh

Multiple meshes together: 20+40+80+20 meshes (specify with frame or just spot welded)

Quantity:  1000

Perforated Mesh

Perforated Sheet is a metal sheet been perforated with different type of the hole & shape. Perforated place allows for latitude in design and scale. Hole patterns are different choice by customers.Outside of standard round, square, oblongs we are able to supply the customized pattern of perforation in different type of material, different thickness and different size.A1 metal mesh screens can work on your designs and idea to bring them in reality for you.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Wire mesh screens is produce from the wire using a different type of the weaving patterns. Wire mesh screens is come in different pattern of the weaving plain weave wire mesh screen, twill weave wire mesh screen, Bolting cloth weave wire mesh screen, Dutch weave, Hollander weave, twill dutch weave, Reverse dutch weave. Some wire mesh product is available on epoxy coated for insect screen.

Welded Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh is come in galvanised material, Stainless steel material. Welded wire mesh made out of cross-welded wire together. Welded wire mesh is get use in construction, mining, fabrication, agricultural, food industries, safety guard for machinery and child safety, fencing, and many more applications.