Wire Mesh Applications

Wire Mesh Applications of A1 Metal Mesh Screens

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Architectural & Decorative Wire Mesh

The diverse range of patterns, textures and finishes: circular, slotted, hexagon, squared and diamond patterns to suit your architectural design requirements. Architectural mesh is available in steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, brass, galvanised steel, plastic for specific project requirements.

Fencing Mesh

Barbed wire, chain wire, fastlock and griplock, high-tensile fencing wire, wire netting and mesh available to suit all your fencing needs. Typical applications include: fences for sheep and cattle, various uses around the yard: chicken, rabbits, pets and garden protection from birds and other animals.

Limited Vision Mesh (One way vision mesh)

One Way Restricted Mesh (DVA Mesh) also known as super mesh, limited vision mesh or privacy mesh. Available in different colours. Hole size: 3 mm x 6 mm centre to centre. Thickness: 0.5 mm.

Mining & Quarry Screens

A wide range of mining and quarry screens of various aperture & wire diameters. Screens are available in high-tensile and stainless steel with or without tensioning folds. Polyurethane screens of all types and dimensions are also available.

Security Door Mesh

Security door wire mesh is made with a heavy wire to give you strong and durable strength for your home security. With this security door mesh, you can install it straight into the door frame without any grill support with proper installation system.

Security door mesh is made with different materials

Security door wire mesh with different colour powder coated screen also gets use in construction, Architectural look in building design.

Vibrating Screens

Vibro screen come in Circular Shape it also called as a Separator and Sieves.Vibrating screen is used in Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Food Processing Industries, Gold Mining, Plastic Industries, Paper Industries, Recycling Industries, Pulp Processing Industries and many more processing industries.

Wire Mesh Filters

Wire Mesh Filters made from Woven Wire Mesh, Perforated Metal, and Special Filter Paper. Filters made with different material Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper and many more. A1 Metal Mesh Screens can supply any kind of filters as per customer’s requirement by specification or using old filter sample from customer.