Galvanised welded wire mesh


A1 metal mesh screens can supply galvanised welded wire mesh as a panels or rolls as depends upon the wire thickness.

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Galvanised welded wire mesh

Product Name Hole size Wire dia Width Length Sale price AU$
GI Mesh 15mmX15mm 0.7 0.9mt 18 39
GI Mesh 1″X1″ 1mm 0.9mt 18mt 42
GI Mesh 1″X1″ 2mm 1mt 10mt 60
Roof safety mesh 150X300 2mm 1.8mt 50 mt 97.8
GI Mesh 100X100 2mm 1.8mt 50 mt 144.3
Hot dip 0
Panel 1″X1″ 3mm 1.2mt 2.4mt 44.7
Hot dip GI mesh 50X50mm 4mm 1.2mt 2.4mt 40.2
75X75mm 4mm 1.2mt 2.4mt 31.5
100X100mm 4mm 1.2mt 2.4mt 25.8


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