Galvanised steel wire security door mesh


Galvanised steel wire security door mesh for security doors & windows.

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Product Description

Galvanised steel wire mesh.

Product name  Width  Length  Price+GST
Electric Galvanised Security mesh 750 2000 $90
900 2000  $108
1200 2000 $144
750 2400 $108
900 2400 $130
1200 2400 $173


Galvanised steel wire mesh is made from galvanised steel wire which can get corrosion after the material gets exposed to the atmosphere. As long as if you can maintain the coating of the paint it should be ok. But steel has the characteristic to get corroded so it can easily get rusted. But this mesh is a cheaper option compared to stainless steel security door mesh. This mesh is also complying with Australian bushfire safety standard so it can be used as bush fire protection mesh.


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