Fencing Mesh

Barbed wire, chain wire, fastlock and griplock, high-tensile fencing wire, wire netting and mesh available to suit all your fencing needs. Typical applications include: fences for sheep and cattle, various uses around the yard: chicken, rabbits, pets and garden protection from birds and other animals.

Product Description

A1 Metal Mesh Screen’s fencing wire range comprises of soft, medium and high-tensile wire mesh to suit all your fencing requirements.

Common types and uses:

  • chain link fencing mesh (also known as wire netting, agricultural wire netting, wire mesh fence, chain wire mesh, diamond mesh fence, chicken mesh, snake proof mesh or hex netting).  Used to protect fruits from birds, rats and rodents; rabbit protection, poultry enclosures. Also used in construction for plastering and floor screeding.
  • chain link PVC coated for domestic uses (small dogs enclosures, etc.)
  • barbed wire available in rolls (mild and high tensile). Normally used for security fencing applications.
  • welded mesh rolls, also known as bird aviary wire,  (light and heavy welded rolls).Galvanised, green or black PVC can be supplied. Typical uses: pet cages, aviaries and greenhouse staging.
  • welded mesh panels used as an alternative to chain link fencing

Most popular chain-link mesh:

  • 1.8 mt width x 10 mt length, hole 50mm x 50 mm, wire thickness 2.5 mm.
  • material: hot dipped galvanised
  • 2 types: either knuckled on top and bottom; or knuckled on bottom and barbed on top
  • indicative price range: from $72 (GST & Freight exclusive) – please call (03) 8714 9658 to confirm

It is important that the fencing mesh  is suited to the purpose of the fence. From very small openings  to 100 x 100 mm openings, A1 Metal Mesh Screens have fencing wire for any rural fencing purpose. For further information and stock availability, please consult with us by calling (03) 8714 9658. Our warehouse is in Melbourne, but we are ready to ship the products to any location Australia-wide.


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