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Bushfire mesh is the product made from stainless steel woven wire or even perforated steel as long as the aperture of the hole is less then 2mm automatically complies with Australian Bushfire standards.

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Product Description

Bushfire mesh is nothing different than any woven wire mesh. Any stainless steel woven wire mesh aperture of 2mm or less than 2mm automatically complies with Australian standard for bushfire protection code.

The bushfire protection stainless steel woven wire mesh can be used for protection against ember attack and radiant heat. It can be used to protect windows, doors, skylights, decking and patios, heating unit, roof vents, and gutters, evaporative cooling units, eaves and downpipes.

Brass woven wire mesh is also used for bushfire protection mesh. http://www.a1metalmeshscreens.com/brass-woven-wire-mesh-16

Some area local council can allow Aluminium flyscreen mesh or mild steel mesh for bushfire protection.

Bushfire protection under AS3959-2009 is required on sites where the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) has been determined as one of the six levels of risk; Construction of a building in bushfire-prone areas’ specifies screening of openings to be made with corrosion- resistant steel mesh, with a maximum aperture of 2mm.

All the mesh below has an aperture of less than 2mm and bigger open area to give breeze in the home.

Approx aperture Mesh Per inch Wire Dia Approx open Area % Approx Wire Gauze
mm inch
mm micron
1.82 1820 10 0.71 0.028 52% 22
1.74 1740 10 0.8 0.032 46% 21
1.6 1600 10 0.91 0.035 41% 20
1.6 1600 12 0.5 0.02 58% 25
1.4 1400 12 0.71 0.028 44% 22
1.3 1300 14 0.5 0.02 52% 25
1.25 1250 14 0.56 0.022 48% 24


  • BAL – Low
  • BAL – 12.5 (protection from ember attack and radiant heat up to and including 12.5kW/m²)
  • BAL – 19 (protection from ember attack and radiant heat greater than 12.5kW/m² up to and including 19 kW/m²)
  • BAL – 29 (protection from ember attack and radiant heat greater than 19 kW/m² up to and including 29 kW/m²)
  • BAL – 40 (protection from ember attack, increased the likelihood of flame contact and radiant heat greater than 29kW/m² up to and including 40 kW/m²)
  • BAL – FZ (protection from flame contact, together with ember attack and radiant heat of more than 40 kW/m²)

Reference websites to get more information about bushfire protection and their requirement.



Also, a customer must check with their local authority to find out a right specification and right product material for bushfire mesh.


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