Architectural & Decorative Wire Mesh

The diverse range of patterns, textures and finishes: circular, slotted, hexagon, squared and diamond patterns to suit your architectural design requirements. Architectural mesh is available in steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, brass, galvanised steel, plastic for specific project requirements.

Product Description

We specialise in supplying good-quality meshes and decorative metal screens to meet the needs of your building & construction project specification. A comprehensive selection of materials and patterns for architectural and building design projects is ready to be collected or shipped to any Australian location from our warehouse in Melbourne.

Architectural wire mesh fabrics can made from any kind of material, i.e. mild steels, stainless steel 304 &304L, stainless steel 316 & 316L, aluminium, brass, copper, galvanised metal.

Common Materials:

  • Stainless steel woven wire mesh (304 stainless steel for interior; 314 for exterior applications)
  • Copper woven wire mesh
  • Brass woven wire mesh
  • Expanded metal
  • Perforated metal screens

Where appropriate, A1 Metal Mesh Screens can provide  the specified finish, e.g. powder coat or epoxy coat.

For perforated metal screens, an advanced perforation technology is used to create picture image on the metal by using different size of the holes in one sheet or join multiple perforated sheets to create architectural look on the building.


Wire mesh can be used throughout a broad spectrum of architectural projects from interior to exterior uses and applications. The opportunities to use these versatile and usually attractive materials in interiors seem to be endless.

Architectural wire meshes offer exceptional qualities when used as sun screen or solar shade. Another most common application is facade of the building and  balustrades/guardrail. They can be used from elevator flooring and walls to cabinet screens, from canopies to wall covering and from seating to room dividers. Metal meshes are also good to provide ceilings, which are cost effective, fire proof, durable, easy-to-install & relatively maintenance free.

Architects and  interior designers utilise this product to transform buildings aesthetically and to improve energy balance of the buildings.

To order outdoor and indoor decorative meshes and screens or to discuss your specific project requirements, please call (03) 8714 9658 today!




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